The new generation of artisans.

In the small town of Berchidda (in Sardinia Region), in the heart of Logudoro, the Achenza family establishes Achenza Sugheri, an artisanal company dedicated to the production of cork-based products, nowfor two generations.

How Sadenda® was born

The history of cork curtains in Gallura has deep roots.

Cork, abundant in the oak trees on this island, has been adapted for various purposes, including the creation of these functional and decorative curtains.

The cork tent is a traditional element of Sardinian culture. In the past, these curtains, called "tendhas de ortiju" in Sardinian, were made using cork processing waste, connected with each other through iron wire rings, in order to create a protective barrier against insects and direct sun rays. Over time, instead of the cork waste, refined cork cylinders were used to improve aesthetics and quality.

In addition to their practical function, since the 1990s, cork curtains have played a cultural and aesthetic role within homes. They were often decorated with geometric patterns or symbols linked to Sardinian popular culture.

As an ambassador of the historical tradition of cork curtains and after thirty years of production, Achenza Sugheri has decided to create Sadenda, the natural cork curtain with a unique and patented design.

The artisan company has committed to create this handmade product adaptable to all environments, making it useful, functional and in line with the times.

Nowadays, Sadenda is the result of years of studies, a tent characterized by its texture and colors. It goes beyond design, this hand-made curtain offers further benefits and comfort, including air circulation, protection from insects, it does not knot so it is safe for children, and finally, an aesthetic appeal created by the movement of the cork stoppers' rows.

Sadenda®: Created by Achenza Sugheri

During the years, Achenza Sugheri became a consolidated and fully operational company in the field of high-quality cork stoppers for wines. However, riding on the growth, their passion for design and beauty has emerged more and more. Not surprisingly, this spirit has brought the idea of Sadenda to life. A modern artisanal product, born from the experience and awareness of owners Tomuccio, Antonio and Sebastiano.

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Our Renewable Energy Certification

Ambiente e Sostenibilità di Sadenda

The energy used by Achenza Sugheri SRL is produced entirely from renewable sources, respecting the environment.

Our Team

Our mission is to enter homes with Sadenda to create a space of beauty and functionality, as we consider Sadenda the result of meticulous craftsmanship with a love for nature and design.

We are driven by a passion for craftsmanship and sustainability, always inspired by innovative and creative methods of working with cork, an untouchable heritage of Sardinian culture.

We offer design solutions that reflect the needs and personalities of our customers with the intention of creating a deep connection between nature and different furniture styles.

  • Tomuccio

    Creator and designer of Sadenda®

  • Sebastiano, responsabile materia prima Sadenda


    Technical administrative manager

  • Antonio, responsabile selezione materia prima Sadenda


    Graphic & Design

  • Mattia

    Customer care

  • Maurizio

    Production manager

Installations of Sadenda®

Our curtain is suitable for any type of environment.

This is Sadenda®, the eco-friendly cork tent with a design that decorates and protects your home and shop